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The Story of the Caribbean Cigar

The Story of the Caribbean Cigar

posted Oct 26, 2008, 6:15 PM by Royal Barbados admin

Royal Barbados Cigars The cigar with the unique mild flavour: "The celebration of many occasions has long been associated with the good things in life, fine food and drink and, to top it all off, the luxury of a premium cigar rich in flavour and aroma.

Now, thanks to the Caribbean Cigar Company, Inc., the latter treat is available year-around at very reasonable cost, adding a festive air to any occasion. Located at #3 Pelican Industrial Park, Bridgetown, the company is the brainchild of Rudolf Kautz-Marshall and his wife Angelica since 1993, President and managing Director of the firm, respectively."

Mr. Kautz-Marshall brings a wealth of experience to the business as the son and grandson of prominent cigar manufacturers in southern Germany.
While this production method ensures superior taste and texture, the crowing glory comes with the raw material itself—top quality: Long filler — Cuban tobacco; binder — Cameroon; wrapper — Equador (Cuban seed)

The company manufactures two lines of premium cigars — Royal Barbados and Sam Lord cigars. Both are available in five sizes and are presented in packages of five in handsome wooden boxes of 25 cigars.
A nondescript warehouse on a busy road in an industrial area, the factory's interior is cool, quiet, dim and fragrant. It feels, for some reason, more like a cave than a successful business producing some 1,000 cigars a day.

Bales of tobacco wrapped in banana leaves lie on the floor, while tobacco leaves , suspended on washing lines across the room, create an oddly domestic atmosphere. The workers — all women — sit peacefully at wooden tables, each one absorbed in a different stage of the process.
No automation is used, it's all old-fashioned dexterity, hand and eye judgement, experience and finesse, like blending wines or cooking a gourmet meal.

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